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Welcome to the Belfius API Portal, your unique platform for building quality applications and solid digital services using Belfius APIs.

Programming interfaces have become a driving force in the development of businesses in all sectors and all activities throughout the world. More than ever businesses need to be able to quickly create added value and innovate all aspects of their organisation (management, processes, solutions, customer experience, etc.)

Belfius is no exception to this rule. We also do everything we can to provide quality services to our customers and partners. This API portal, accessible to authorized TPP under PSD2, is a further step in this direction.

In addition to a getting started guide and detailed documentation, we offer a sandbox environment for testing purposes to help you as much as possible in your work.

API Marketplace

The API Marketplace showcases the different APIs available at Belfius along with a link to the detailed documentation for each API. The APIs have been categorized as:

  • Coming soon These are future APIs, for which, for the time being, only documentation exists.
  • Sandboxed These can be used with a Sandbox environment to simulate calls.
  • Live These are APIs for a production environment which can be used directly from your applications.

Getting Access

Access to Live APIs has different security requirements than access to the sandbox. In both cases, you can fill in the dedicated contact form to reach out to us for API access.

If you are an authorized TPP under PSD2 and that you’ve opted to use Live APIs, you will be contacted to provide further information (e.g. QWAC and QSeal certificates if you wish to use our PSD2 APIs ). After this step you will be provided the required credentials for access to our Live APIs.


Once we have given you the credentials, you will be able to fully use our sandbox environment and access the test data of the available APIs. To make it easier for you to get started and to quickly familiarize yourself with the API, this environment doesn’t require certificates or authentication. You still need to fill in the mandatory parameters of the API (values don’t matter) and have valid credentials (which you receive after registering).
Please note that the sandboxes return a mocked response and won’t process any actual data.

The sandbox currently only supports the following calls:

  • PSD2 AIS (Account Information Services) to view an account’s balance and transaction history
  • PSD2 PIS (Payment Initiation Service) to issue or cancel a SEPA payment order
  • PSD2 CAF (Confirmation of the Availability of Funds) to confirm if an amount is available on the account

Testing PSD2 APIs in our sandbox is only accessible to recognised – or be in the process of being recognised- TTP under PSD2 regulation.
To request an access to our sandbox, please use this dedicated form.

Sandbox base path:

PSD2 Specific APIs

Currently only APIs linked to the Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) are available on our live environment.
The full documentation on our PSD2 APIs can be found in the API section of our developer portal.
Belfius did not received an exemption from the contingency mechanism as detailed in Article 33(6) of the RTS. Therefore if our PSD2 APIs are not available, our fallback solution can be used (see documentation).

Belfius PSD2 APIs can be used for all Belfius customers segments (retail, private, wealth, business, corporate, public and social).

To facilitate their use, Belfius also provides the following APIs:

  • GET /consent-uris. This API allows a Third Party Provider (TPP) to receive the redirect urls while doing a Strong Customer Authentification (SCA) in a Belfius secure environment.
  • POST /token. This API is an authorization API. A TPP application requests an access token and exchanges the previously granted authorization (OAuth2 token API).

Prerequisites for Live PSD2 APIs:

To use Live APIs, you must meet more conditions than for the sandbox. You need to:

  • be recognised as a TPP under PSD2 regulation
  • have provided your eIDAS certificates (QWAC et QSeal)
  • have registered the OAuth2 redirect URLs. Note that if you intend to use an application on iOS, the redirect URLs should be universal links.

To request an access to our production PSD2 APIs, please use this dedicated form

Account Information Services (AIS) – PSD2 APIs

In the Belfius context, PSD2 AIS APIs provide Belfius customers the possibility to view their account balance and transaction history on a TPP application. PSD2 AIS APIs require the explicit authorization of the customer, which has been implemented through OAuth2.

The TPP then can obtain an access token and a refresh token, which will allow it to access the customer’s data.

All details on AIS flow can be found in the Flows section of the AIS API documentation.

Payment initiation services (PIS) – PSD2 APIs

This API provides Belfius customers the possibility to initiate a SEPA payment using their account on a TPP application. As soon as the payment has been made and signed, the TPP receives an authorization code if an access token wasn’t provided at the start of the process. This TPP can then use this authorization code to get an access token and a refresh token which can then be used for future payment initiations and payment initiation cancellations.

All details on PIS flow can be found in the Flows section of the PIS API documentation.

Confirmation on the Availability of Funds (CAF) PSD2 APIs

This API provides the possibility for a TPP to check if enough funds are available at a given payment account (IBAN should be provided).

All details on CAF flow can be found in the Flows section of the CAF API documentation.