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At Belfius we strongly believe in the power of open banking, but we also believe that security is key to banking activities. Feel free to use our API, but be aware that we do no support – and even ban- reverse engineering.

What this portal offers you

An experience created for developers

Belfius provides you with detailed technical documentation, complete with clear instructions for testing your creations, code examples and much more. Currently, our sandbox is only accessible to authorized third party under PSD2 regulation.

Optimised test environments

Carry out your tests in total security in our sandbox, receive error notifications, information about the availability of the API, analyses, etc.

Collaboration and partnerships

Because the banking solutions of tomorrow depend on collaborations and partnerships yet to be put in place, Belfius wishes to play an active role in this process.

The highest performing security standards

At Belfius, security is – and has always been – at the heart of our priorities.


Account Information Services (AIS) Live

Use our Account Information Services (AIS) API to access account balances and transaction histories through third-party applications.

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Payment Initiation Service (PIS) Live

Use our Payment Initiation Service API to initiate (or cancel) payments via third-party applications.

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Confirmation on the Availability of Funds (CAF) Live

Use our Confirmation on the Availability of Funds (CAF) API to confirm whether an amount is available on a payment account via third-party applications.

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How does it work?


Choose an API in our marketplace


Check out our documentation and start thinking about interesting integrations.

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If you are an authorized TPP under PSD2, request your access and carry out your tests in the test environment (Sandbox).

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