Payment API

Initiate payments via a SEPA transfer from a Belfius account.


Initiate a payment Sandboxed

An easy way to initiate a payment for a customer account from a third-party application.

How does it work?


A Third Party Provider (TPP) registers an application with Belfius.


A Belfius customer initiates a SEPA payment order using the TPP application.


The TPP application redirects the customer to the secure Belfius environment where he signs the payment order.

Future calls

When the customer has signed, the TPP receives a code which can be traded for an access token for future calls.

Directions for use

Access to the production system is granted on a case-by-case basis. Approval will be given subject to complying with user rules determined by Belfius in line with the European PSD2 directive. More information.

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