Account API

Access account balance and transaction history of a customer in total security.


Account balance Live

Provides the possibility to view the current balance of an account.

Transaction history Live

Provides the possibility to view a list of transactions for an account and filters them by date. Note that only booked transaction are transmitted.

How does it work?


A Third Party Provider (TPP) registers an application with Belfius.


A Belfius or Banx customer requests to see his account balance or transaction history using the TPP application.


The TPP calls the AIS APIs, providing an access token (which was received through the Consent flow).

All set

The customer can view his account balance and transaction history on the TPP application.

Directions for use

Access to the production system is granted only to the Third Party Provider that are authorised under the European PSD2 directive. More information.

See also

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Consent API Live

Use our Consent API in order to receive the required authorization code, a mandatory input in all our AIS and CAF APIs.

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