Open Banking

  • At Belfius, we believe that the bank needs to innovate a little more each day, so open banking only is a natural step. Open banking provides the opportunity to experiment with new ideas for providing our customers the best possible service. That’s why we wish to make this platform available to finance professionals and IT companies, as well as to independent developers – and in doing so, create all the conditions needed for open banking to be efficient and perfectly secure.

  • The portal introducing our API aims at facilitating collaboration with third parties. To make this happen, the portal has been designed to give you easy access to all of the information you need for developing digital solutions using our APIs, while helping you discover and test our data in your application.

  • Our aim is to keep on introducing new functionalities and services to our development portal and to continue inspiring you by providing powerful tools that will help you create new applications. Be sure to visit our API Marketplace regularly to find out which APIs are already available and which ones are coming in the future.

  • In the API Marketplace section, we present the various APIs that are currently available. This section will be updated regularly.

  • Go to our Marketplace page, where you will find a list of all our APIs. Then ask for your Token on the Support page.

  • In the current version of the portal, you can access sample data via our Sandbox.


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